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by Edward Kluk
Dickinson State University, Dickinson ND


About this course Free fall motion
Rectilinear motion on a horizontal plane Horizontal projectile motion
Slant projectile motion Newton second law
Mechanical energy conservation Kinematic friction and kinetic energy
Kepler, Newton, gravitation Inertia, Newton first law
Pendulum and reference frames

       How to use incorporated applets
       The applet sizes make possible to use them even with 640 x 480 screen resolution. They are loaded with their input components, except "reset" or "clear", disabled. A click on "reset" or "clear" button (whichever is actually active) activates all necessary parameter choices. If a short explanation in front of each choice is not clear, please find more information in the accompanying text.

      The action buttons have the following functions:
 "go" - accepts selected parameters
 "clear" - restores default parameters and clears current results
 "reset" - activates parameter selection without clearing current results
 "start" - starts an experiment
 "stop" - stops currently running experiment

      Be also aware that for slowly starting motions you may have initial impression that the applet is not working. Please be patient, smallest distance any object in the applet can move is a one pixel.

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